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Jeremy Binner

Jeremy Binner

MN Sales Associate

Everyone is happy with a fair deal.

Professional Credentials

•   10+ years of buying, renting, remodeling, selling properties prior to getting my real estate license.  

•   20+ years of being familiar with many homes around the area with my family's home appliance and refrigeration business.

Professional Credentials

•   Licensed Realtor in Minnesota  

•   Member of the National Association of REALTORS  

•   Member of the Minnesota Association of REALTORS  

•   Member of the Southeast Minnesota Association of REALTORS

Areas of Expertise

•   Negotiations and helping/getting people what they want or finding someone who can take care of them.

Professional Credentials

•   10+ years on Wabasha Fire Department  

•   Youth Baseball Coach


•   Retail and Sales Management A.A.S Degrees  

•   HVAC and Refrigeration A.A.S. Degree  

•   Fire Fighter I and II Diploma

Personal Background

•   Father to three wonderful children. I enjoy running my family business, boating, cars, and snowmobiles.